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Our honey is a nectar of very high quality. A pure genuine healthy product, gathered by our bees in a pristine location among precious flowers which grow on the sweet bolognesi hills.



6,00 € - 250 g. vase

Produced by the specy Robinia Pseudoacacia, this nectar has a straw yellow colour and a floral scent.

It has a very sweet taste and for this reason it is preferred by children and it is really good as sweetener.

IT IS VERY DELICIUS USED IN THIS WAY: to make bread or with fresh blue  cheeses at low seasoning.

Also as ingredient in the sweet dough such as lemon cake with  poppy seeds.


3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase

It is produced by the Castanea Sativa Miller specy which flourishes between the end of May and the beginning of June. This honey which is of a dark colour, has a liquid consistence and a bitter taste.

IT IS VERY DELICIUS USED IN THIS WAY: ideal partner for strong taste dishes  such as: meat, game and aged  cheeses.Very special with dried  fruit,  hazel nuts, brie on a slice of bread for a sandwich gourmet style.



3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase


Ivy Honey is a rare honey.
It is an autumn production that requires a lot of work and therefore passion for its harvest!
This honey is by far the richest in glucose, the main architect of the very rapid crystallization even crystallizes already in the combs therefore the honey extraction becomes very demanding and laborious, and its characteristic melting.
Color: white, greyish.
Smell: delicate, it is characterized by the vegetal fragrances of roots, conifer leaves, licorice and noble molds.
1) Strong sweetening power. Excellent for sweetening herbal teas and for preparing desserts.
2) Excellent natural antiseptic, it is one of the best natural products to use as a urinary tract antiseptic.
3) Friend of our intestines. It is an excellent ally against intestinal and digestive disorders.




3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase

Sunflower honey comes from Helianthus Annuus.

This nectar has a bright yellow color with a rapid and rather hard crystallization with the formation of very small crystals.
The taste is fruity and intense and aromas of ripe apricots and an aftertaste of star anise.
IT IS VERY DELICIUS USED IN THIS WAY: dissolved in tea or purifying drinks.
In the preparation of sweet or savory batters, cooking base, in place of butter or other seasonings, to cook a fried egg.

Combined with cheeses such as taleggio, seasoned asiago, fresh pecorino.







3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase

It is produced by the sap of pine and oak trees. It is a kind of honey with rare and complex features. Its colour is dark amber and it has an amber and resin scent. It is also very rich of enzymes and mineral salts.

It is perfect as natural tonic because it contains magnesium, iron, zinc, sulfur, cobalt. For this reason it is very useful to improve the tone, the mood, and the intellectual work. Ideal for sporty people and a very good sedative for cough.

This honey too may be used as sweetener and perfect on baked slices of bread  ( toasts ) for snacks and breakfast.

IT IS VERY DELICIOUS USED IN THIS WAY: as sweetener ad great on baked slices of bread ( toasts )for snacks and breakfast.

3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase



It is produced in spring, between April and May, and in summer, in July and August. It comes from the union of nectars from different botanist species and for this reason it may have different tastes and colours according to the season and the environment.

IT IS VERY DELICIOUS USED IN THIS WAY: with fresh cheese such as  taleggio and  squacquerone, or to reinforce the taste of chicken in recipes where rosemary, lemon and star anise are combined.



3,00 € - 125 g. vase
9,00 € - 500 g. vase

It is produced by Tigliacea family. It has a very intense  and balsamic taste and it  crystallizes

very soon. Unique for its amber colour and for its intense sweet taste.

IT IS VERY DELICIOUS USED IN THIS WAY: as sweetener for tisanes or dissolved in hot drinks such as vin brulè or other hot drinks.Very excellent if combined with fish dishes.


15,00 - package of about 350 g.

The  comb honey is a grouping  of hexagonal wax  cells  built by the bees in their nest to contain the larvas of the brood and also to store honey and pollen.

Inside this structure bees build the comb honey  which contains the honey coverd by wax.

We decided to package  this product in small portions so that you too may taste this mix of sweetness and wellness formed by honey, comb and wax.The wax is eatable as well and helps the work of intestines.

REALLY A GOOD THINK TO USE IN THIS WAY: to eat or/and to chew any time you want to get a big charge of energy, sweetness and healthy substances.



Do you want to taste our honeys? Choose the one you like more , the most suitable to your need

or taste more than one to feel  their unique flavors and  smells.

You can ask more informations or to buy your honey calling us or sending an e.mail:

+39 347 2353825

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